july, 2019

25julAll DayHelping the Helpers


Event Details

  1. Who is a Helper/Helping Professions
  2. Characteristics of Helpers
  3. Nature of work
  4. Effect of Helping work on Helpers
  5. Caring for the psychological needs of Helpers
    1. Self Help
    2. Peer Support
    3. Organizational including supportive supervision
  6. Personal Plans 

Target audience

The training is aimed at Psychologists, Psychology Assistants, the Military, Social Workers, Nurses, Aid Workers, Managers, Supervisors, NGOs, Fire Fighters, Police, Pastors, Paraprofessionals, Lay Practitioners and all who work in the Helping Professions


All Day (Thursday)


Miklin Hotel

Behind Gethsemane Gardens, Apamtse St, Accra

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