ForumWhat is your view on stigmatizing or discriminating against COVID-19 survivors and persons with disabilities? (Click this to comment)
Avatar for VivianVivian Staff asked 2 years ago

 Stigmatization of COVID patients

Have you reached out to persons with disabilities during this COVID-19 period?

Supporting and accepting COVID-19 survivors, what are your views on this?


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Avatar for VivianVivian Staff answered 2 years ago

I totally agree with welcoming COVID-19 recovery patients back into society. Once they are declared free from the virus, it is only fair that they come to their family. However, they should still wear their nose masks.

Avatar for VivianEdith Ekua Blankson replied 2 years ago

I believe COVID-19 survivors should rather be applaud for they are fighters and for that matter heros. They should be encouraged to share their experiences for the society to realise the reality of the existence of the virus. It is no no for stigmatization.

Avatar for VivianRev.Lewis Addai-Baah replied 2 years ago

We need not stigmatize anyone.They rather need our love and empathy.Once they have survived and are fully recovered they are our best resource person’s in the community to educate others on the pandemic.

Avatar for VivianAkua Kyem replied 2 years ago

Stigmatizing against Covid-19 survivors is not the way to go. We should rather support and welcome them back into the society for such a heroic fight.

Avatar for VivianKingsley Eyram King-Kuadzi replied 2 years ago

We must all reach out to help society understand that covid 19 or persons who physically challenged are humans and what has happened to them can happen to anyone. If we welcome them with empathy, it will prevent social stigma and discrimination which will help them get the help they need.

Avatar for VivianDorcas Quarshie replied 2 years ago

Covid-19 Survivors should be seen as warriors who have fought the virus and come out successfully. There is no need to place a sign of shame on them. There is nothing shameful about falling sick.

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