ForumCategory: QuestionsHave you helped any physically or mentally disabled person during this COVID-19 period?
Avatar for VivianVivian Staff asked 2 years ago

Disabled Persons stigmatization flier

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Avatar for VivianVivian Staff answered 2 years ago

I have encountered few mentally disabled persons and most often the fear of them attacking me overtakes the attempt to give them a nose mask or any sort of support. I will be open to getting ideas as to how best they can be assisted.

Avatar for VivianAkua Kyem replied 2 years ago

Yes I did help a physically disabled person in a form of cash during the lockdown. It was really fulfilling to lend a helping hand in a time of a crisis.

Avatar for VivianKingsley Eyram King-Kuadzi replied 2 years ago

Yes I have , It was exciting that i was of help

Avatar for Hilda answered 2 years ago

Yes i have,they were both females,one was visually impaired and the other was mute and deaf.We were able to nurse them to a full recovery,and we mostly communicated with the latter using sign language.

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